What Grains to Flake

Steel Marga Mulino Grain Flaker/Roller

The Marga Mulino grain flaker/roller will flake any soft grain, including oats, rye, barley, buckwheat, soft wheat, and spelt. Rice, Kamut and Quinoa are hard grains and hard grains do not flake well and tend to crack instead of rolling into flakes. They are available in flake format commercially, but they are first steamed (cooked), flaked and then dried. This process makes beautiful flakes from hard grains, but destroys many of the viable nutrients found in fresh grain. You might want to test the softness of the grain you plan to flake. Simply place five kernels between your molars and gently try chewing them. If they crack or crunch, they are hard grains. If they smash, they are soft and should flake well. The flaker will not flake corn or beans, which are much too hard.

Where to Get Oats and Grain

You can purchase whole grains from a whole foods store, co-op, or distributor. Buy clean, oat “groats” and soft grains. Feed oats (unhulled) do not work well and are not very palatable because of the hulls.

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